Open water freediving Molchanovs course
in Kas, Turkey 14 to 26 October 2023

  • 14 – 26 October 2023
  • Kas, Turkey
Kas is a small town, almost equidistant from Dalaman and Antalya airports. The small local population, mountains, pine trees and sea add to the cosiness of the town. Local tourism is well catered for: climb mountains, parachute jump and land directly at the harbour; visit local beaches and dive for turtles; hire a yacht and go for a boat trip along the coast for a short sea tour of the ancient Lycian fortress and submerged city. You can take a ferry to a neighbouring Greek island (on a visa) or rent a car and drive to Saklikent Gorge, ford the cold mountain river and explore the caves where the river begins. In the evenings you can wander around the souvenir shops, drink classic pomegranate juice and oriental coffee, sit in small cosy restaurants and enjoy baklava and oriental cuisine.
Accommodation in Kas is available in both hotels and private apartments. The variety will allow you to find accommodation to suit your taste and budget, whether in the centre on the seafront or higher up the mountain with an incredible view of the bay. If you're keen, you can even find hostels and a few places to camp or stay in a tent just outside the city. Some are free.

There is a public beach (Halk beach) within a twenty-minute walk or 3-4 minutes by car from the town centre, where the CMAS centre has a good infrastructure. There are several platforms with accessible depths of 30, 60 and 90 metres 200-250 metres from the shore.
The course is run by
Molchanovs systems instructor.
Master of Sports in Underwater sports.
Winner and prize-winner of the Championships of Russia. National freediving records holder. Russian national team 2016-2020 member.
The World and European Championships member.

An advocate of a healthy lifestyle, practises a gentle (but persistent) approach in training.

+66 82 784 78 63

Dasha Muzykantova

Underwater photography. As well as an assistant in the water, and an on land helper.
Participation options
Molchanovs Freediving course (W1, W2), including certification. The course lasts for 5 days.
The price on payment before 15.08.2023 is 400€.
Advance payment of € 150 is required. Advance payment is not refundable.
450 €
One-time open water freediving session.
45 €
Course information
Dates: 14 to 26 October 2023

Kas (Turkey) is a 3-hour drive by car from either Antalya (international airport) or Dalaman (international airport).

Dive location and conditions:
  • Halk beach, The CMAS centre;
  • Water surface temperature: +26 – 27 °C. Due to the appearance / change of wind, small currents or the appearance of a thermocline at a depth of 30 – 35 meters are possible (varies depending on weather conditions and currents);
  • Near the shoreline, dive sites are available at depths of 30, 60 and 90 metres. Diving is carried out from a buoy that is attached to the platform;
  • Distance from the coast: 150-200-250 meters.

Tentative schedule*:
14.10.2023 – arrival and acclimatization
15.10.2023 – freediving training
16.10.2023 – freediving training
17.10.2023 – rest and recovery/mountain climbing/journey through the gorge/day on a boat and a flooded city
18.10.2023 – freediving training
19.10.2023 – freediving training
20.10.2023 – rest and recovery/mountain climbing/journey through the gorge/day on a boat and a flooded city
21.10.2023 – freediving training
22.10.2023 – rest and recovery/mountain climbing/journey through the gorge/day on a boat and a flooded city
23.10.2023 – freediving training
24.10.2023 – rest and recovery/mountain climbing/journey through the gorge/day on a boat and a flooded city
25.10.2023 – freediving training
26.10.2023 – course completion/departure

* There may be changes in the schedule due to weather conditions.
Thus, the duration of the open water trip will be 7 days.

Preliminary schedule of the training day:
  • morning (8:30 – 11:30) – dry warm-up/preparation/specialized exercises to master blowout and depth training;
  • evening (17:00 – 18:00) – mistakes analysis and troubleshooting.

Accommodation and meals:
  • There is a great variety of hotels and apartments in Kas. We recommend you use a dedicated booking services. If you need help, feel free to contact
  • Variety of cafes and restaurants for your taste.
  • Weekend market/grocery stores/supermarkets.
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